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Comprehensive Physical Exam:
  Two family practice physicians, one internist, and two physician assistants to serve you. 

Cardio-Vascular diagnostic evaluation:
oronary disease or heart problems are the number one killer in our nation. 
 At Northcross, all providers are attentively monitoring your heart conditions. 


To detect heart problems, the number one killer in the US .
 Click here to see our lab  -->   Cardio - Vascular diagnostic equipment:


Physical Therapy,  Back Pain.

We use DRX9000 to treat your back pain.  Often the back surgery can be avoided.
DRX9000 machine               Revolutionary method to treat back pain.


          At Northcross Medical, we have invested in DRX9000 machine to treat

                                 people with back pains without back  surgery.



Sleep Lab Study
We are building a sleep lab study because we recognize the importance of restful sleep. 



X-ray machines on premises:  for the convenience of our patients.



 Make no bone about it, we know INTERNAL MEDICINE.                                                           


Preview on Laser Center    




Laser For Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation
   We are working hard to assist you in your search to attain better health. We believe that you will improve your health and you will also look better.  For your physical appearance, we offer state of the art FDA approved laser treatment.  You can see your new look for yourself.  As your caring doctors, we will make sure you are safe and healthy.


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                                            Laser Spa


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                                           your new look is priceless





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