10 year Anniversary  (1997 - 2007) Northcross Medical Center, PC

  This year we are celebrating the first 10 year anniversary of our practices. 

  For this occasion, we reminisce a song of Pham Duy , a Vietnamese song writer


 This is a translation of that song:  

          Return me our magnificent youth,

                   for we are like the green plants of wheat chanting  in the field

                             Against the rains and the winds, our youth is showing its golden yield

                            Against the bombs and the guns, we still try to keep our serene bliss

                           Return me our innocent youth, be it war or peace.


           Return me our free age, for we are the sun flowers on the hill top

                       We are following the sun light.

                       Though we are young, our responses will shake earth and sky.


           Return me our passionate youth, for our love is overflowing

                    With an unquenchable thirst to love, we spread our hearts without calculating     

                                  What returns life may bring.


            From our childhood, we will give all our hearts

                  We will not forget that promise, to the end of the earth

                              True to our young and foolish generation, 

                               We will keep that loving pledge with determination. 


            Return me our forgiving youth, for we will forgo the despairs and the hatred

                   We will forgive every thing and we remember only loving words and deeds


              Return me our infinite youth, for we will walk away from hateful words

              Return me our youthful age, for we are a flowering lotus above the mud

                                   Vietnam is thrown in a tumultuous time 

              Return me our own ideal to keep our country in our hearts and minds.  


            Translated by Chris Le,

                                Dedicated to my mother on her 83 birthday



           -  01/18/2007 -  Sonya Huntley has joined our practices today as a staff nurse.


Recent Media Coverage of Northcross Medical Center, PC

  • The best of Charlotte, July 2002

We are featured in the magazine - The best of Charlotte - on the issue of July 2002, the Top Doctors in America. 


Q: What is your background ?

A:  I was an Engineer before I became a Doctor. I was with the U.S. Navy, so I traveled extensively.  I think, Engineering has "rubbed off" on me in the way I practice medicine.  I like to solve problems in a more analytical way.

Q: What do you think makes a good Doctor ?

A: I think most doctors are good. I think a good doctor is able to have compassion and empathy for his or her patients. He or she has to realize that it is hard for the patient to come and see them, so he or she should try to be the best doctor that they can to each patient.  

                                     Mark T. Le, MD


  •  The Connect, August 2003


Q: What is the mission statement of your medical practice ?

A:  To offer each patient the best medical care available. Our emphasis is on preventive medicine and early symptom detection.

Q: Why do you underline the word available ?

A: I was an Engineer before I became a Physician. My engineering background compels me to look for the best care currently available.   It is a constant search for better treatments.  But it is not an academic research.  I am committed to look for the best care available for the patients.  

Q. And why Preventive ?

A: In the Hippocratic oath, all physicians pledge to practice preventive medicine since the best way to cure a disease is to prevent it from ever happening.  In the modern version of this oath, doctors solemnly recite: " I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure". 

Q: What are the changes that you have recently made in that quest of the best care available ?  

A: Our office obtained the Back Machine DRX9000 to treat back pain, and the smooth beam equipment to perform skin rejuvenation and hair removal.  But most importantly, two more physicians have recently joined us.  Three of our five current providers are women who can personally relate to women's health issues.   

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